Saturday, March 19, 2011

DO NOT HATE US (please...)

18 wheelers
Throughout this period , I always wonder why the truck driver was hated by most other drivers, especially cars. 

Is it because we are driving a big, slow trucks and often takes a lot of space on the road? 

Or because we are part of the blame because of the mistakes that had been done by some of us? 

Not all truck drivers do not care about attitude and drive according to their hearts and feeling only. 

We are ordinary people, never will be perfect. 

How do you feel when your career becomes a hatred? 

While they do not ever know what we do everyday.

22 wheelers flatbed

It is extremely unfair to blame all truck drivers, when only a few that are not being disciplined on the road. 

Please do not forget that in this country, none of the schools or the Academy to teach how to become a good truck driver. 

That there are all only Driving Schools,just to obtain a license. 

After that, we must learn for ourselves how to become a good truck driver either. (Or not?) 

Not all of us have the opportunity to study up to secondary level too. 

In fact, there are just able to read and write only. 

There was some who is illiterate too! 

Personal attitude of a truck driver depending on what it receives on the job itself. 

If he is in good working atmosphere, then he will be normal. 
Vice versa. 

14 wheelers side curtain Volvo FM12 380hp

Stop from being to find fault only. 

Why are not we together to find where the source of all wrongdoing all this long. 

Safe Driving, safe life.